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How Do Private Investigators Do Surveillance in South Carolina?

How Do Private Investigators Do Surveillance in South Carolina?

Individuals and companies hire private investigators for many important reasons and to complete specific tasks related to their lives or businesses. Whether you are a spouse who suspects a partner is cheating on you online or in person, you’re going through a divorce and need information on your soon-to-be ex-spouse for a child custody case; your company is looking to hire someone new and need a background check, or anything in between, a South Carolina private investigator such as those at the J.P. Investigative Group can help.

One of the most useful and necessary tasks of a private investigator is conducting surveillance on a targeted subject. Surveillance is not a skill that is automatic or easy (despite what movies and television may have you think). It takes practice and finesse to accurately surveil someone to get the information you want and need for the case.

Why Is It Necessary For a PI to Conduct Surveillance?

For a South Carolina private investigator, surveillance is a practical and critical part of the job when it comes to giving clients the information and closure they need. From catching a cheating spouse to investigating embezzlement and anything in between, surveillance provides you with real-time knowledge of the activities of the individual under investigation. 

Although combing through records or interviewing people are also incredibly useful tools in the private investigator’s toolbelt, surveillance is the only way to find out what a piece of paper won’t tell you or the truth behind what someone says. The best way to prove that someone is engaging in illegal, unethical, or guilty activities is by watching them and catching them in the act. It is also critical to have proof of their actions, generally in photographic or video evidence, so that their denials of the allegations can be proven wrong confidently.

How Do Private Investigators Do Surveillance?

Surveillance can be a very tricky task because a private investigator needs to be inconspicuous and avoid drawing attention to himself/herself. The primary objective is to blend into the surroundings so that your target does not realize they are being followed. Here are some tricks of the trade that allow our South Carolina private investigators to do their jobs as effectively as possible and get the information our clients need:

  • Wear bland clothes that do not stand out in a crowd. Bright colors or patterns are memorable, and a private investigator does not want to stick out in anyone’s mind.
  • Drive a boring car. Big, flashy cars draw unwanted attention and are easily spotted if you’re tailing someone. A dull car that could belong to anyone will help you blend into the rest of the background.
  • Don’t get lost! If you are following a target but are unfamiliar with the roads or surrounding neighborhoods, you could easily get lost and miss your target. Knowing where you are going allows you to also predict your subject’s route and find alternate paths when following him.
  • Commit to your story. If you need to interview witnesses or if you are questioned about loitering in a place for too long, you need to have a backstory that you are committed to and believe.
  • Gather information beforehand. It is essential that you understand your subject, know as much as possible about them, and can spot unusual activities in their daily routine. The individual who hires you can give you plenty of information, but you can also fill in the gaps using public records and social media.
  • Use technology. The 21st-century world is an online world. Most people use social media to connect with family, friends, acquaintances, and new people. Create inconspicuous user accounts and start digitally following your subject. You can learn a lot about a person by their friends, location tags on photos and posts, and the activities they post about.
  • Invest in proper equipment. Your clients will want proof of what you discover, so high-quality gear will help you give them the best possible evidence. This might be visual or audio. Get a professional camera, video recorder, microphone, and other essential recording equipment.

These and many other techniques are the difference between a professional South Carolina private investigator just as ours at the J.P. Investigative Group and ones who aren’t worth a second glance.

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