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Using Surveillance in Child Custody Cases

Are you in the middle of trying to gain custody of your child? You might want to consider using a reputable Private Investigator company like J.P. Investigative Group. Read on to learn more about how hiring a PI can benefit your child custody case and enable you to defend what’s best for your child.



About Reliable Video Surveillance

Your spouse might try to manipulate the judge when you are both fighting over custody of your child. Putting your child in the middle of your divorce isn’t what’s in their best interest. So, what can you do?

Instead of giving up, you can hire a Private Investigator at J.P. Investigative Group. We can perform a child custody investigation to set up video surveillance to catch them doing bad behaviors not fit to be around your child. This could mean doing drugs, being physically and psychologically abusive, or any other conduct that makes them the more risky parent.  

Using Surveillance in Court

Your ex might be vicious enough in court to spout lies about you to the judge. They might not want you to gain custody of your child to get back at you for the nasty split. To prevent your child from suffering from your ex’s manipulative behavior, you can take action by showing the judge the real proof of your ex’s risky behavior.  

The reliable video surveillance J.P. Investigative Group sets up for you will be the proof you need to show how much of a liar your ex is being in court. Your ex won’t be able to refute something that is caught on camera for all to see. This can be exceptionally beneficial to those who live in South Carolina since the mother isn’t automatically given custody of the child. 

How A Private Investigator Can Help

You won’t just be getting surveillance services when you hire our private investigator. J.P. Investigative Group has former law enforcement and government investigators who have exceptional experience in analyzing the surveillance they set up. 

They can even find evidence that your ex is fighting alcoholism or other issues that might not be obvious for others to see. This can be very beneficial to your case since they will gather all the evidence needed to strengthen your case against your ex. The professionals you hire at J.P. Investigative Group will also testify in court to further help your case.

By choosing J.P. Investigative Group, you will get the results you need to gain custody of your child. We know how rough these types of dealings can be, but you always have to think of what’s in the best interest of your child. Contact us today to set up an appointment or ask any questions you might have about our child custody investigations. 

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