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How to Prove Cohabitation: Advice From a Cohabitation Investigator

If you are paying alimony to your former spouse to help with rent or mortgage, you have a right to know whether he or she is cohabitating with someone. After all, you’re not obligated to pay for a new boyfriend or girlfriend living under your ex’s roof! Many aspects of your divorce agreement, including alimony and child custody, may need to be re-examined if it becomes apparent that your ex is residing with another person. If you suspect your former spouse is living with someone, you have a right to revisit the terms of your divorce settlement in court to help lower or end your alimony payments or gain custody of your children. Of course, this is all dependent upon concrete evidence that your ex is, in fact, cohabitating with someone. By hiring a cohabitation investigator to conduct a thorough investigation of your former spouse’s activities, you can know for once and for all whether they have someone else living in the house with them, so you can take the next steps toward having your divorce agreement re-evaluated in court.

How Do I Prove Cohabitation?

When you hire a private investigator to help you prove that cohabitation is taking place, he or she will use state-of-the-art surveillance methods to monitor and record any suspicious activity. This may include strange cars parked overnight in the driveway, footage of a person entering and leaving the house regularly, or other evidence which points to the probability of your ex’s cohabitation. Additionally, a private investigator can conduct interviews with neighbors, family acquaintances, or other people of interest who may be able to provide insights into the nature of your ex’s new relationship, as well as confirm whether his or her significant other is living there.

This evidence will be 100 percent court-admissible, as it has been collected by a professional private investigator, which means you can use surveillance footage, testimonials and other evidence in your court hearing.

How Can Proving Cohabitation Help Me?

Nobody wants to be on the hook for a large alimony payment, especially if it looks like your ex’s new lover is reaping the benefits! If your former spouse is in direct violation of your divorce agreement by having someone live with him or her, it is essential to petition the court to either reduce or terminate alimony payment benefits. Additionally, if you are concerned about the protection and well-being of your children, it is your right to investigate whether your ex may be living with someone who may not be suitable company for them when they are visiting your former spouse. Hiring a cohabitation investigator is especially important if you actually think that your ex’s new boyfriend or girlfriend may be a potential threat to the safety of your children. An investigator can provide evidence to help the court conclude whether your children’s best interests are being protected.

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