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What To Do When You Spot Employee Theft And How To Protect Your Company

Companies work hard to be able to hire employees. However, stealing can occur in any organization at any time without warning. When you spot employee theft in the workplace, it usually takes a lot of shapes. Employees can be stealing company products, money or even supplies. Other forms of theft can be through the improper use of intellectual property or complete a time sheet incorrectly to get paid for time not worked for. Any form of theft will generally hurt your business, and will eventually present a difficult management situation to handle. The best way you can handle employee theft in your organization will depend on your company policy. So, what should you do when you suspect employee theft?

Investigate the employee.

In case you are suspecting a particular employee of theft, what you first need to do is investigate them before moving forward with any action. You will need to gather evidence of the office theft through documents, video surveillance or witnessing the theft first hand. You could also hire a private investigator to confirm your suspicion.

Document every Incident.

Make sure you write down everything including dates, time, and whatever was stolen as proof when you decide it’s time to fire the employee. You can also include any supporting artifacts like the video of the theft.

Evaluate employee’s position in the company and the severity of the theft.

It’s important to consider the consequences of the theft; this includes the written warning, repayment, probationary period or termination. It’s important to note that the employee might steal again in case they are not fired. Keeping the employee on board may also send a bad message to other workers in the company.

File a Police Report of Necessary.

Depending on the severity of the theft, it is important to file a police report on the same. Filing a police report for missing notepads or staples might be irrelevant, but when you are missing boxes of supplies or thousands of dollars from your account, then you probably need quick legal action. When you file a police report, it will normally give you another important piece of documentation, and especially if you are looking to fire the suspect employee.

Discuss the Theft with the Employee

Make sure there is another individual with you when you first talk to the suspect employee about the theft for safety reasons. In case the employee decides to be aggressive, then the second person will be in a better position to control the situation.

When you finally decide to terminate the employee suspected of theft, escort them to their desk, gather all their personal belongings, collect their badge, keys and company items before allowing them to leave the building. Also, make sure you change all the security codes or any other information that the employee had that is crucial to the organization.

In case you are suffering from employee theft in your organization, J.P. Investigative Group can help. All you need to do is walk into our offices or call to talk to our representatives; we will be more than glad to sort out your theft problem in your company the right way.

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