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Tips On How to Win a Child Custody Battle

Separations and divorces are hard. Regardless of the reason for the divorce, the fall out can be emotionally, mentally and physically debilitating. When children are involved, however, the hurt can be compounded even more.

Whether you are married or not, when adults decide to throw in the towel on their relationship, the children often pay the biggest price of all. For many, the child custody battle that follows a separation or divorce is a highly contentious proceeding. What can you do to win the advantage?


Top Advice on Winning a Custody Battle

Like any battle, before you go to war, you need to consult with experts. For most, that first person is a lawyer. (However, in some cases, a lawyer may also recommend the help of a private investigator. We will talk more about this in a bit.) However, there is more you can do to help increase your chances of winning a custody battle. These include:

  • Do not engage in drama with your ex-partner;
  • Try to remain objective throughout the child custody battle;
  • Control yourself and expect every aspect of your life to be put under a microscope;
  • Do not prevent a relationship or alienate your children from your ex-partner;
  • Make decisions with your children’s best interests in mind;
  • Do not make false allegations against your ex-partner;
  • Do not immediately move in with a new “special” someone immediately after a divorce or separation;
  • Remain involved in your children’s lives; and
  • Document everything.

What Makes a P.I. Right for My Specific Case?

In an ideal world, divorcing parents would be granted equal access to their children. However, we all know that child custody battles are far often from ideal. In many situations, the court has to decide which parent will be best for the children based on “he-said, she-said” arguments. Hiring a private investigator (P.I.) however, can change that.

A P.I. is professionally licensed to gather evidence that can help to support your case. During child custody battles, for example, a P.I. can uncover evidence not easily found. This can include evidence of child abuse or neglect, criminal backgrounds, drug/alcohol use, the state of the home environment, and much more. They can also be used to uncover false allegations against you, as well as your ex-partner’s morality, motives, and willingness to defy court orders.

If you are considering hiring a private investigator to help with your custody case, contact JP Investigative Group, Inc. today!

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