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Top 10 Reasons a Raleigh Private Investigator Can Help you Win a Custody Battle

Divorce can be a bitter, ugly affair: emotions can run high and tempers can flare in the wake of divorce, and a contentious courtroom battle may ensue. One of the most common areas of disagreement in a divorce is child custody.  If one parent strongly feels that the other may be unfit to care for the children even part time, he or she may petition the court for sole custody. In a situation like this, hiring a private investigator to prove the parent’s inability to properly care for children could be extremely beneficial in court. Here are ten ways that a private investigation can help you win your custody battle.


  1. Stability– If a private investigator determines that your former spouse is mentally, emotionally or financially unstable in any way, this could greatly impact the court ruling on custody.
  2. Criminal Activity– It goes without saying that any evidence of criminal activity from a private investigation will reflect extremely poorly on your former spouse when awarding custody of your children.
  3. Alcohol or Drugs– If photo or video surveillance by your private investigator uncovers abuse of drugs or alcohol, the court will be unlikely to award custody to your former spouse, and may even lead to his or her arrest for possession of illegal substances.
  4. Verbal or Physical Abuse– If the private investigation uncovers abusive behavior toward the children, you can be sure that will not only play a role in awarding custody in court, but also subject your former spouse to criminal charges.
  5. Associates– If your former spouse has friends, a romantic partner, or any other associate who frequently visits the home and is of questionable moral character, the court will take this into consideration before awarding custody.
  6. Environment– A private investigator may find out that your former spouse is living in an unstable, unclean or otherwise unsatisfactory environment for your children, which would likely lead to the court awarding you with sole custody of your children.
  7. Violence– If your former spouse has a history of violence, or if any formal complaints against your former spouse have been registered within his or her workplace regarding violence or temper, the private investigator will collect this information and use it as evidence in your custody hearing.
  8. Neglect– Any video surveillance footage or photographic evidence of your children being neglected in any way will be brought up in your custody hearing, which will make the court unlikely to award custody to your former spouse.
  9. Physical Health– If your former spouse is physically unfit to care for your children, your private investigator will be able to collect evidence of this and present it in court.
  10. Morality– A private investigator can provide insights into the behavior, activity and actions of your former spouse, which can raise any red flags about his or her moral character and how it can impact your children.


JP Investigative Group can help residents of Raleigh and surrounding areas win their custody battles. Using ethical techniques, a wealth of experience and state-of-the-art investigative technology, our private investigators can obtain the evidence you need to prove to the court that your former spouse should not be awarded custody of your children. We make sure your children’s best interests are protected, so you can rest assured that they will be able to grow and thrive in a nurturing environment where they are safe from harm. Call JP Investigative Group today at 877-990-2111 to speak with an investigator about your child custody case.

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