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What a Private Investigator Cannot Do

Media has portrayed private investigators as superheroes that can obtain any information to save the day. Private investigators can be really helpful in collecting information and evidence, but they are not above the law. Their job is to gather information, uncover hidden facts and help their clients solve cases or mysteries, but there are many things that a private investigator cannot do.

This blog sheds light on the don’ts of private investigation.

Break the law

A private investigator is not above the law. It may look like they can attain information through any means, but they are bound to stay within limits and collect information legally. The law prevents them from trespassing, wiretapping, phone tapping, hacking into computers and mobile devices, and stealing documents. Any private investigator breaking these laws can face severe legal consequences.

Impersonate law enforcement agency

Additionally, a private investigator looking to gather evidence cannot impersonate any law enforcement officer, federal agent, or governmental official. It is a serious offense and can lead to severe consequences, including jail time, hefty fines, or both. However, they can work together with law enforcement officials to provide them with crucial information.

Use violence

Another act that a private investigator cannot do is use violence to gather information. A private investigator can only use legal means to collect information. If they use violence, they can be charged with a crime and can lose their license.

Obtain personal information illegally

Private investigators can acquire personal information to aid in their investigation. However, they cannot use any illegal means, such as violating privacy, to obtain personal information. They are not allowed to hack into people’s or suspects’ computers, mobile devices, and email accounts to access personal information in an unauthorized way. If caught, they will be punished as per the law.

Violate privacy rights

Similarly, private investigators cannot violate anyone’s right to privacy. They are not allowed to use hidden cameras or recording devices in private areas, such as bathrooms and bedrooms. Furthermore, they are not allowed to go through private conversations without consent. If caught, they can be punished as per the law.

a police officer and investigator on crime scene


Additionally, a private investigator cannot discriminate against people based on color, age, or any other protected status. The purpose of hiring a professional private investigator is to investigate without any bias or discrimination. They must consider all their clients and subjects equally and without any bias. Failure to do so can result in the cancellation of their licenses and legal prosecution.

These are some of the many things a private investigator cannot do. A private investigator can be a great asset in conducting an investigation and revealing the truth, but they do so legitimately. They can face severe legal actions, financial penalties, and cancellation of their licenses if they are caught doing any of the aforementioned actions.

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