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Considering Cohabitation Investigations In Raleigh NC? 3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Your Suspecting An Ex-Spouse is Cohabitating

There are some reasons why you might need to prove that your ex-spouse might be cohabiting with another person. Perhaps your ex-spouse might be living with a person who you feel is a threat to your child or your ex might be living with a person who is offering her support and might just be […]

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What To Do When You Spot Employee Theft And How To Protect Your Company

Companies work hard to be able to hire employees. However, stealing can occur in any organization at any time without warning. When you spot employee theft in the workplace, it usually takes a lot of shapes. Employees can be stealing company products, money or even supplies. Other forms of theft can be through the improper use […]

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How To Defend Your Child’s Interest During A Custody Battle

Divorce is never easy, ask any Divorce lawyer, and they will tell you that for free. Divorce, however, becomes extremely difficult when there are children involved. This often scares a lot of parents since they wouldn’t want their divorce to negatively affect their children and specifically if their former spouse is a bit of a […]

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When to Hire a Wrongful Death Investigator

click here to assign a new case When a family member suddenly dies, one could lead to believe it may have been due to negligence, carelessness or the wrongdoing of another person. While police do their own investigation, some people prefer the reassurance of hiring their own wrongful death investigator to see if there is […]

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