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Considering Cohabitation Investigations In Raleigh NC? 3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Your Suspecting An Ex-Spouse is Cohabitating

There are some reasons why you might need to prove that your ex-spouse might be cohabiting with another person. Perhaps your ex-spouse might be living with a person who you feel is a threat to your child or your ex might be living with a person who is offering her support and might just be collecting alimony checks from you. If this is similar to your situation, you might be interested in help with your cohabitation investigations in Raleigh NC. 

Depending on the reason, an experienced and professional private investigator will be able to know how to get the evidence that is required to prove that your ex-spouse cohabitation and amend your divorce agreement.

Most of the time, proving that your ex-spouse is living with another person that poses a threat to your child, will result in an immediate amendment of your divorce agreement. Proving that your ex-spouse is cohabiting can also reduce or even terminate the payment of alimony.  

Therefore, when it’s time to prove cohabitation to show that your ex-partner is living with another person, you might need to ask yourself the following questions.

Do I Need a Private Investigator?

Well, as we stated before, your private investigator will have the right techniques, skills, and experience to ensure that you successfully prove cohabitation. While it might not be a must to hire a private investigator, you have a better chance proving cohabitation with a private investigator than without. They have better experience carrying out surveillance, doing financial audits, background checks, and even identifying people. In case you are looking to have cohabitation investigations in Raleigh NC you have come to the right place.

Is there proof of Cohabitation?

This is the most important aspect of your case, if you are unable to have sufficient proof that an individual is living with your ex-spouse and poses a threat, you will not be able to have your divorce amended. A private Investigator such as JP Investigators has the right skill, industry experience, training, and practical knowledge to help you prove cohabitation. In case you are looking to have your Alimony dropped, only a qualified private Investigator will be able to carry out all the financial audits to help determine your case.

Is there a need for Background Checks?

This is a crucial aspect, and it’s normally best run by a Private Investigator, this is because they know to know where to look to find the best information that will help your case. By performing background checks, you will be able to prove cohabitation and have your divorce amended. This checks can show that your ex-spouse and their partner now share the same address and bills/property.

J.P. Investigative Group can help you with your cohabitation investigation. In case you are still having a hard time finding the right information or even finding a Private investigator in Raleigh NC, we can help. Call us at 877.990.211 or visit our office for more information.

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