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The Role of Investigators in Fraudulent Insurance Claims

According to the FBI report, insurance fraud costs over $40 billion per year. It means that the average cost of insurance fraud for a family in the US is around $400 to $700 yearly in the form of high premiums. Insurance frauds are usually committed by policyholders, applicants, and 3rd party claimants where they carry out deceptive acts against the insurance company for financial gain. In other words, they try to get benefits they are not entitled to. Here, insurers can act proactively by taking advantage of private investigator services in Charlotte.

Fraud insurance investigators


An experienced Charlotte private investigator can assist with fraudulent insurance claims. The expertise and experience of an investigator can play a pivotal role in uncovering the truth about a staged car accident, exaggerated employee injuries, or false property damage.

Case Evaluation

The role of the investigator in fraudulent insurance claims begins with an in-depth evaluation of the case. An investigator employs multiple strategies for fraud detection. Hence, during the case evaluation process, they may:

  • Carry out background investigations
  • Review criminal records
  • Visit the location where the event like an accident or fire occurred that led to the filing of the claim
  • Determine the extent and nature of the fraud
  • Once the investigator has tangible proof of fraud, they will determine the extent and nature of the scam. They will identify the fraudulent activity’s loopholes and the responsible parties

Conduct Interviews

If needed, the fraudulent insurance claim investigator may interview witnesses and suspects. They will cross-question them to examine their statements for authenticity and consistency. Furthermore, interviewing helps the investigator dig deeper and evaluate statements and evidence for conflict and in consideration of the means, opportunity, and motives of the prime suspect. It is followed by the prime suspect confessing that they made a fraudulent insurance claim.

Here, it would be best if you understood that private investigators help insurance companies and victims of fraudulent insurance claims. You can hire an investigator in Charlotte, NC if you think you have been scammed or the claimant exaggerates their situation or overestimates the cost of damages to get a higher compensation. An investigator can assist you with all types of fraudulent insurance claims, such as:

  • Home insurance fraud
  • Car insurance fraud
  • Health insurance fraud
  • Life insurance fraud
  • Insurance company fraud
  • Workers’ compensation fraud

So, if you suspect a fraudulent insurance claim, hire insurance investigation service to look into your case. Let the investigator take the lead and determine if the claim is true or false. Contact us for experienced and trusted corporate investigation service. We can help you find the truth.


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