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Insurance Investigations in NC

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Getting an insurance investigation service is an absolute necessity for insurance companies. From the average person who tends to stretch his stories to be slightly more favorable, to the full-time con artist who stages accidents. Many people are less than 100 percent honest when dealing with insurance companies. By launching investigations into potentially fraudulent insurance claims, insurers can save thousands of dollars per claim, and millions every year.

Surveillance and Investigation of Insurance Claims

Experienced insurance investigators can use surveillance, interviewing, or a combination of both to assess insurance claims. Effective investigations/surveillance can include videotaping, voice recording, and standard photography to capture insurance fraud. Investigators can interview neighbors, friends, relatives, and the fraud suspects themselves to get answers, either directly or indirectly. When people seem suspicious (and an investigator’s suspicions are usually correct), investigators know to dig deeper.

Insurance frauds are often revealed through money transfers, secret meetings between corroborating parties, and even DNA evidence. More subtle clues, such as a person’s emotional or unemotional reaction to a situation often give them away. Without professional insurance investigators on the case, these clues will either never be found or will remain unnoticed.

Here at JP Investigative Group, we bring years of insurance investigations experience, knowledge of the law, and a keen attention to detail to every insurance case we handle. All of our investigators are licensed and conduct business efficiently and professionally. We have come across every insurance fraud/investigation during our careers. We are prepared for everything, just give us a call! By hiring us, you are aligning yourself with the most reliable insurance investigators anywhere.

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