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Employees Working Remotely? 5 Ways a Private Investigator Can Help

Do you have a number of employees working from home? Most American companies have relaxed their rules about working remotely in order to protect employees and ensure business continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic. This increased distance, while largely beneficial to all, means that your company faces unique employee management issues — ranging from employee oversight […]

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When to Request Private Computer Forensics Services

MIT’s Technology Review noted in January 2018 that an American adult spends about one full day — 24 hours — online every week. Plus, with tech giants like Google and Facebook tracking what we do during that time, most of us are leaving a trail of our online activity. Whatever your feelings about this information […]

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Suspect a Non-Compete Agreement Violation? What to Do Next

For many businesses, a non-compete agreement is a key method of protecting the company’s interests and keeping valuable employees. But what should you do if you suspect that a former employee has broken or is breaking this contract? Here are four key steps to take. 1. Check Your Non-Compete Agreement The first thing you should […]

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How Do Private Investigators Do Surveillance in South Carolina?

How Do Private Investigators Do Surveillance in South Carolina? Individuals and companies hire private investigators for many important reasons and to complete specific tasks related to their lives or businesses. Whether you are a spouse who suspects a partner is cheating on you online or in person, you’re going through a divorce and need information […]

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