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Insurance Fraud Investigators How Can They Help?

Insurance fraud investigators use their knowledge to identify claims that are suspicious or fraudulent. This prevents insurance companies from paying out on false claims.

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Should You Hire a Private Investigator for Your Child Custody Case?

Child custody battles can be difficult, and the judge can make a ruling based on razor-thin evidence. Hence, if you are in the midst of a custody battle, you may want to get help from a private investigator. The private investigator will unearth information to advance your argument in court. This guide discusses what you […]

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4 Signs Your Partner Is Cheating

Romantic relationships have their share of problems, but infidelity can completely change the dynamics of the relationship. The pain that comes with infidelity is indescribable, and it can change a person’s life. Often, most people are caught off guard when they discover their partner is cheating. However, some people can tell when their partner is […]

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Private Investigator Myths to Avoid

Many situations may necessitate the use of a private investigator. For example, you may need to gather evidence for a divorce case or investigate potential employee fraud. Private investigators have the skills to conduct these types of investigations and can be very helpful in collecting the information you need. However, numerous myths about private investigators […]

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