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Investigating Prospective Clients: Why and How?

Should your business investigate clients before working with them? This may sound like overkill to some business owners, but your company takes on a level of risk anytime it does business with others. What types of risk might an investigation help reduce? And what should you know about investigating clients? Here are a few answers […]

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4 Situations Where You Might Consider Personal Protection Services

While the feeling that you might need personal protection can be stressful, you need to ensure that you protect yourself and loved ones from potential dangers. If you are unsure if you need personal protection or not, discover four situations where personal protection services might be necessary.

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4 Tools Used By Professional Private Investigators

While a private investigator may seem like someone you only need to catch a cheating spouse, they are actually useful in many situations, ranging from finding a missing person to proving insurance fraud. If you would like to know how these professionals work, check out these four tools commonly used by professional private investigators. 1. […]

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5 Risks of Investigating a Cheating Spouse on Your Own

Do you suspect your spouse or partner is cheating on you? This can be a devastating discovery, leading many spouses to attempt to confirm on their own whether or not infidelity is happening. But should you take on this task yourself or hire a professional to help you? While it may seem cheaper and easier […]

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