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How a Successful Cohabitation Investigation Can Amend Your Divorce Agreement

Divorces are rarely easy. However, if you have ever been through one, you know there is a divorce agreement that is reached. This document lays out any agreements that were reached between both parties and often includes things like child custody, child support, the division of properties and assets, and alimony or spousal support. Cohabitation, […]

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Why Proving Cohabitation Can Help Your Alimony Dispute

If you suspect your former spouse may be cohabitating with someone, you have a right to get to the bottom of it. After all, his or her living situation directly correlates with the amount of alimony you are ordered to pay in accordance with your divorce agreement. If you are able to prove that your […]

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How to Prove Cohabitation: Advice From a Cohabitation Investigator

If you are paying alimony to your former spouse to help with rent or mortgage, you have a right to know whether he or she is cohabitating with someone. After all, you’re not obligated to pay for a new boyfriend or girlfriend living under your ex’s roof! Many aspects of your divorce agreement, including alimony […]

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