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Why Proving Cohabitation Can Help Your Alimony Dispute

If you suspect your former spouse may be cohabitating with someone, you have a right to get to the bottom of it. After all, his or her living situation directly correlates with the amount of alimony you are ordered to pay in accordance with your divorce agreement. If you are able to prove that your ex has a new live-in boyfriend or girlfriend, the court may decrease the monthly amount you are obligated to pay, or even eliminate it altogether! By hiring a private investigator to prove cohabitation between your ex and a new significant other, you can help settle an alimony dispute in your favor, leaving you with more money in your pocket, and saving you the time of trying to collect evidence by yourself.

Is Your Ex Cohabitating?

Maybe you have noticed some telltale signs, such as an unfamiliar vehicle parked outside, that lead you to believe that someone is living with your ex. Or maybe their social media account is full of selfies with another person, with what appears to be your old living room in the background. The evidence may even be as blatant as phone calls and texts from mutual friends alerting you to the suspicious activity. Whatever the reason, if you have a notion that your former spouse may be living with someone new, it’s in your best interest to hire a private investigator to conduct a thorough professional investigation.

How Does a PI Prove Cohabitation?

A private investigator is trained to handle cases involving cohabitation and knows just what to look for to determine whether your ex is living with someone new. In addition to using state-of-the-art technology to perform video and photo surveillance tactics to record the comings and goings at your ex’s house, your investigator is well-versed in other forms of evidence collection, as well as interviews with neighbors, mutual friends, or family members to help determine whether cohabitation is taking place. Your private investigator is well-versed in all aspects of cohabitation investigation, and can expertly collect court-admissible evidence to help you further your case.

If you believe your former spouse is living with someone and would like the court to re-examine your alimony payment obligations, hiring a private investigator is a good place to start. Contact JP Investigative Group at 877-990-2111 to speak with a representative and schedule your free initial consultation.

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