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How a Successful Cohabitation Investigation Can Amend Your Divorce Agreement

Divorces are rarely easy. However, if you have ever been through one, you know there is a divorce agreement that is reached. This document lays out any agreements that were reached between both parties and often includes things like child custody, child support, the division of properties and assets, and alimony or spousal support. Cohabitation, or even dating, before a divorce agreement has been reached or within 6 to 12 months or reaching one can impact or amend the amount of support the judge feels you should be entitled to. Hiring a licensed private investigator is a great way to help identify whether your ex-partner is cohabitating with another person.

Common Acts Found In Cohabitation Investigations

Cohabitation investigations are used to help identify signs of a romantic relationship, as well as more serious living arrangements. Things like sharing vehicles and grocery shopping together are signs of a much more serious relationship developing. A new partner who helps care for your child is yet another sign. (As is your ex-spouse taking care or assisting with the care of their new partner’s child.) Moving trucks, continual overnight stays, public displays of attention, vacations together, and other such things are often discovered via cohabitation investigations.

Proving Cohabitation with a Private Investigator

Hiring a private investigator to conduct your cohabitation investigations provides you with court-admissible evidence crucial to your divorce agreement. An experienced private investigator knows all the tell-tale signs of cohabitation. They employ a vast array of investigative techniques in order to gather a complete story regarding your ex-partner’s cohabitation situation.

Surveillance techniques gather visual and/or audio evidence of cohabitation. It turns claims of cohabitation into documented proof. GPS tracking also helps create a map of where your ex-partner’s vehicle(s) are at all times. Are there two vehicles on the property that are constantly in simultaneous use? Is your ex-spouse’s car parked at the home of the expected new partner every evening? All of this can be corroborated with GPS tracking. Cell phone or mobile forensics and social media investigations can also help prove a cohabitation situation is occurring. Background checks are another important factor to your cohabitation investigation. For example, is your ex-partner cohabiting and exposing your child to an individual with a history of criminal activity?

From video and traditional surveillance techniques and background investigations to GPS tracking and mobile device forensics, a private investigator has the skill, capabilities, and legal ability to thoroughly document cohabitation.

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