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Testimonials: Insurance Investigations

Our Results-Driven Insurance Investigations and Surveillance Approach Creates True Value Through Client Testimonials…

“Joe, I can’t thank your team enough for your hard work on this claim.”

E. Thomas, WC Claims Adjuster

“Thank you so much, but thanks to Joe P and your investigators. The quality of work is outstanding and as I told Joe, I will refer him to my other clients that I have that discretion with… It has been a pleasure working with you all, and I am glad that through one of my favorite clients I was able to find out who JP Investigations were. Where have you been all my claims life? LOL”

Thanks Have a Great Weekend!

K. Vice, Sr. Claims Representative

“Just wanted to drop you and note to say, thank you in the BIGGEST way. Your surveillance and info for this claimant is beyond valuable and we appreciate your assistance. The client is extremely pleased!!”

Thanks Have a Great Weekend!

S. Yancey, Sr. WC Claims Representative

“We were able to settle this on Monday. We settled it for much less than we anticipated. Thanks for the good video footage, it gave us great leverage to settle the claim.”

Thanks Joe!

R. Lawton, Sr. Claims Representative

“Oh, you guys were able to get really good information and great pictures. I didn’t have to use it because I did get a full release on him, but in the event he starts treating again or disputes anything this will help me out a lot.
I have been very pleased with all the work I have sent your way and the quick response to our requests.”

I look forward to working with you again very soon!

M. Solomon, Claims Examiner II

“I must say your company has been one of the few surveillance companies that consistently… and I mean consistently, provides evidence helpful in reducing the exposure on my workers compensation claims. If I can use you exclusively, I most certainly would. You provide immediately and timely follow up to your work and that speaks volumes for your dedication to your clients. I never have to run behind your company for the results of a referral. Your staff is courteous and professional. But above all, you provide solid evidence ( pictures, video tape, internet search, etc.) of the work you perform and that’s what makes the difference in my cases.”

Thanks for your commitment to excellence!

D. Titus , Sr. Workers’ Compensation Adjuster

“I have been working with JP Investigators for over 3 years. Excellent customer service is their standard not the exception. I have found JP Investigators to be responsive; innovative and results driven. In one particular claim JP worked in GA for me, the surveillance footage alone saved over $200,000. It was a Workers Compensation claim and the plaintiff was alleging he was perm total. Joe worked the case for a week and obtained amazing video of the plaintiff remodeling a home. JP is our #1 agency for investigative service as you can count on Joe to go that extra mile to get results!”

S.W. – SE Region Claims Supervisor

“Joe, you and your team are just awesome. I truly thank you as I could tell last week, you really were going to have to juggle something in order to get this done. This is why I send all of my surveillance work to you.”

Thanks and have a good day!

R. Lawton, Sr. Claims Representative

Insurance Investigations reduces exposure and saves millions every year towards fraudulent insurance claims.

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