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Investigation Client Portfolios

Workers Compensation & Disability Investigations

Claimant #1

During the surveillance efforts, the Claimant was documented as he continued to utilize his right hand as he performed numerous tasks, which included operating his vehicle and visiting several auto parts stores. During this observation, the Claimant was documented as he carried a large auto-part in and out of the business.

The Claimant was also observed as he visited a Lowes Home Improvement Store, where he appeared to purchase numerous pieces of wood. The Claimant then utilized his right hand to load the wood

into his truck, as video will show.

During the entire observation, the Claimant was not observed utilizing any support devices nor did he display any restrictive movements in his right hand, as he performed numerous tasks, as video will show.


Claimant #2

During the first day of the investigation effort, the Claimant was documented present at his parents’ address. Throughout the day, the Claimant was observed and documented as he appeared to clean out the garage of his parents’ residence. The Claimant moved, lifted, carried, and pulled items from the garage area. Some of the items were placed in the back of the Claimant’s pickup truck and some were placed at the end of the driveway. The Claimant was also observed as he unloaded some of the items into a garbage dumpster behind a business, before he eventually departed the area.

The second day of surveillance again documented the Claimant as he operated his vehicle and visited a local carwash. At the carwash, the Claimant utilized a device to clean his vehicle. The Claimant eventually returned to his parents’ address, where he remained for the rest of the day.

During the entire observation, the Claimant was not observed utilizing any support devices, nor did he display any restrictions with his right knee and lower back, as the video will show.


Domestic Investigations


During the investigation efforts, the female Associate was eventually identified and observed with the Subject at his camper in a campground, located in the mountains of North Carolina. Throughout the observation, the female Associate’s registered vehicle was observed present overnight at the Subject’s camper. The next morning, the Subject and Associate were observed outside the Subject’s camper where they conversed.  The Subject and Associate exchanged affection, by kissing on several different occasions. The Associate eventually entered her registered vehicle and departed the area, as video will show.


Cohabitation Investigations

Cohabitation Subject # 1

During the surveillance efforts, the male Associate was identified, confirmed, and documented living at the Subject’s residence on numerous occasions to include different days, times, and weeks.

Throughout the observation, the male Associate entered and exited the Subject’s residence freely, and walked the Subject’s dog in the morning hours. The Associate was observed as he took a walk with the Subject on one occasion in the evening hours along with the dog. The male Associate also remained at the address after the Subject left for work and on various days, clearly establishing cohabitation, as video will show.

Cohabitation Subject # 2

During the surveillance efforts, the male Associate’s vehicle was documented present and overnight at the Subject’s residence on numerous occasions. The male Associate was also documented outside the Subject’s residence on different occasions before departing the area and arriving home in the evening, as video will show.

The Investigator also noted, the male Associate’s vehicle was observed present at the Subject’s residence, confirming that the male Associate spent the night. It was shown time and again that the male Associate continued to reside with the Subject at her residence as documented by video.

After numerous occasions of the male Associate residing with the Subject at her residence, as video and report will show, the investigation was eventually completed.


Employee Theft Investigations

Company A

JP Investigative Group, Inc was contacted by the Client to assist them in performing an investigation into a large theft at one of their facilities located in Georgia. The investigation effort began by visiting and interviewing three separate employees for the Georgia location. Additional information was obtained through several staffing companies that provided the workforce for Company A. During the course of the investigation, a person of interest, Subject#1, who was a previous employee/ security guard for Company A, was eventually located and confirmed residing with his fiancée in Georgia. After several unsuccessful visits to the address of Subject#1, an interview was performed by telephone. The Investigator believes Subject #1 was involved in the large theft, as he stated several times during the recorded interview, that he performed his hourly routine patrol, which included  driving around the entire warehouse property. The Investigator suggests the report be shared with the police to follow up with Subject#1.


Non-Compete Investigations

Non-Compete # 1

During the brief surveillance effort, the Investigator was requested to travel to Company B to determine if the Subject would be arriving at the business to repair a piece of machinery. Throughout the effort, the Investigator confirmed the part for the piece of machinery had arrived at the business via communication with the Client. A short while later, the Subject arrived operating a vehicle displaying a Company B logo. DMV confirmed the vehicle as being registered to a rental company.

Once the Subject arrived, he was documented entering the business. Throughout the surveillance, the Subject was observed walking to and from the rental vehicle on several occasions, then returning inside the business. The Subject eventually completed the repair of the piece of machinery and departed the area.


Non- compete #2

During the surveillance effort, the Subject was observed and documented traveling to and working inside a local restaurant. During the observation of the Subject, he was attired in a chef’s coat and appeared to prepare food and work throughout the kitchen area of the restaurant on numerous days, as video will show.



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