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How Private Investigators Work

  Private Investigators (PI)are professionals hired to collect evidence and conduct investigations for individuals and organizations. A PI can work on many cases, including insurance claims, finding missing persons, infidelity, conducting background checks, etc. If you plan to hire a private investigator, read this blog to learn how private investigators work.

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Investigating Prospective Clients: Why and How?

Should your business investigate clients before working with them? This may sound like overkill to some business owners, but your company takes on a level of risk anytime it does business with others. What types of risk might an investigation help reduce? And what should you know about investigating clients? Here are a few answers […]

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How PIs Use the Internet to Find People

In today’s world, it is almost impossible to find someone who does not have a smartphone in their pockets or purse, has not signed up for at least one social media platform, or isn’t an active Internet user. The majority of Americans are all connected in some way to the world via online access, so […]

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Maybe it can’t happen to you.

A phone bill with frequent calls from your spouse to a mysterious number. Or sudden late night meetings with flimsy explanations. Its probably nothing right? You’re hiring a new nanny or day care service and find yourself wondering, “Who is this person watching my child, really?” Are they safe? Is there a criminal background? Are […]

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