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Charleston Private Investigator

If you are seeking a Charleston private investigator for services in and around Charleston, J.P. Investigative Group is here for you. Our team of experienced, highly competent private investigators are extremely well-versed in a wide variety of investigations for just about any type of civil or criminal case imaginable. Whether you are seeking investigative services for a domestic issue such as infidelity, child custody or abuse, or whether you are in need of investigative services for cases involving fraud, theft or misrepresentation, the team at J.P. Investigative Group can add value to your case by providing concrete, court-admissible evidence supporting your claims. Because we value and respect our clients, you can be sure that J.P. Investigative Group always has your best interests in mind, and will go above and beyond to get you the information you need to be able to win your court case, or simply to have the peace of mind that comes from knowing the truth. We strive to be Charleston’s number one investigative services group, and it shows!

Who We Are

J.P. Investigative Group is a fully-accredited, licensed investigative services firm proudly serving clients in a number of states across the nation. We are committed to upholding the standards of our profession, and conduct every investigation with integrity, ethics and confidentiality. We respect the rights of both our clients and the parties under investigation and take great care not to compromise our ethical responsibility or diminish our professionalism with the work we do. When you enlist the services of J.P. Investigative Group, you can be sure that you are receiving above-board investigative strategies that do not compromise our ethics and provide you with the support and proof you need to win the favor of the court.

A Charleston private investigator at J.P. Investigative Group is:

  1. Licensed- As it is a mandatory requirement in most states for private investigators to be fully licensed, the team at J.P. Investigative Group guarantees that each investigator we employ is licensed to conduct private investigations, a distinction which is absolutely necessary for protecting your interests.
  2. Insured and Bonded– Our investigative services firm is fully insured and bonded, in accordance with North Carolina state law. This means that you are protected against legal action for any property damage or errors that could occur during the course of an investigation.
  3. Experienced– Unlike some private investigation firms, J.P. Investigative Group does not specialize in just one type of private investigation. Because our investigators have had a great deal of experience with just about every type of case, they are prepared to assist you with your investigation and have a depth of knowledge about the best strategies to employ for different types of cases.
  4. Using Latest Technology– The private investigators at J.P. Investigative Group have the latest technology in the palm of their hands in order to aid their investigations. This gives our investigators a distinct advantage over the investigators at other firms, who may not have access to the most state-of-the-art equipment, or, more importantly, lack the knowledge to use the technology to the greatest effect.

Get A Charleston Private Investigator On Your Side

If you require investigative services for a civil or criminal case, the clear choice for a Charleston private investigator is J.P. Investigative Group. We are Charleston’s preferred investigative services firm and will work with you to prepare a top-quality investigation that meets your needs and gets you answers, Call today to schedule a consultation with a member of our quality investigative team.


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