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When is a Cohabitation Investigatior Necessary?

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Before the cohabitation investigation even starts in a case where an agreement has been violated, the former spouse doesn’t know what to do or how to take action on the situation. Many in this position, where the estranged spouse is taking advantage of their former spouse and still receiving alimony, don’t know when it is time to get legal help or if they should hire a cohabitation investigator.

The most common case is when the person receiving alimony moves and changes living situations but does not correctly update the person providing the alimony of the change. This turn of events requires the person providing the money to confirm the modification and collect documentation that this change is valid. If this is the case, then move forward with first talking with your lawyer about the circumstance and hire a cohabitation investigator in Charlotte, NC. If the living situation changes are correct, this usually means that providing alimony can be ended and be in your favor.

Hiring a professional Charlotte cohabitation investigator will benefit the situation by offering the proper evidence legally and accurately in North Carolina court. Collecting evidence on your own can get complicated and may be illegal in certain circumstances, which is why it is best practices to get a professional investigator involved. Legal professionals would recommend hiring an investigator to help your case. You don’t want to risk having the case disvalued because of crossing boundaries that aren’t the appropriate way of proving another party is breaking the contract.

The difficulty to take action and get an investigator involved is knowing when the right time to do so. Therefore, here stands the big question: When is it necessary to hire a private investigator? First, have legal counsel to handle the situation and give advice that will make the process go smoothly. Next, find out the details of the cohabitation agreement and work through them with your legal counsel. Understand the contract and pinpoint where the violation of the agreement is. If there are distinct aspects of the contract that are broken but can’t be proven, then it is clear that professional investigative help is essential. It is recommended that finding legal counsel first before talking with and an investigator is critical for the process to be smooth and in your favor.

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