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How Not To Let a Cohabitation Investigation Backfire

However, in some cases, a cohabitation investigation may backfire. Below, we discuss how you can prevent this from happening, as well as the benefits of hiring a professional should you want a thorough investigation.

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Hire A Private Investigator to Prove Cohabitation

Potential Repercussions of a Cohabitation Investigation

Before you hire a professional, you should know that there are some potential repercussions to hiring a private investigator to perform a cohabitation investigation.

One repercussion is hiring a private investigator who does not follow legally accepted practices. A private investigator cannot break the law. That means they cannot break into your ex’s house, vehicle or business to obtain evidence. In fact, if they do this, the evidence they gather will be inadmissible.

A professional private investigator cannot lie about their findings. This means if you are found to be cohabitating as well, your private investigator will have to say so when asked in court.

Additionally, announcing to your ex that you have hired a professional to perform a cohabitation investigation on them is not advised. In most situations, it will make your ex take more precautions regarding their activities. A professional private investigator can still likely uncover evidence of cohabitation, but it may be harder and take more time.

Benefits of Hiring a Private Investigator for a Cohabitation Investigation

There are several benefits to hiring a licensed and professional private investigator, like those at JP Investigative Group, Inc.

For starters, a private investigator has the ability to legally collect evidence that you would be unable too. From video and photographic evidence to GPS and mobile surveillance – a private investigator knows all the legal tricks.

In addition to that, a professional private investigator knows how to work within the boundaries of the law. This means any evidence they gather is admissible in court. That includes both the report they compile, as well as their expert testimony. This carries a tremendous amount of weight when it comes to a court of law and can significantly help you prove your case.

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