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Investigative Specialists

Licensed In: NC, SC, OH, FL, TN, VA, WV, GA, PA

Investigative Specialists
Most people, regardless of how intelligent they are, are not adept at solving real world mysteries or uncovering lies and corruption.  We all have our areas of expertise, but in most situations we should leave investigations to the people who conduct them for a living, like police detectives, federal agents, and private investigators.  Here at JP Investigative Group, we employ only private investigators with years of experience at doing just that.

When you need to know whether your spouse is cheating, we will send someone who has been a police detective and spent ample time in the field of clandestine surveillance.  If your suspicions about your spouse are correct, our investigative specialists will catch them in their most candid moments with the person they are having an affair with.  The photos we take can be used however you want, either for personal use or in court.

Cheating spouses may be our most common cases, but since we are all experienced investigators, we handle plenty of other investigations as well, such as locating missing persons, corporate fraud, insurance fraud, or just about any other real-life problem you may encounter.  We conduct investigations for lawyers, corporations, and private citizens.  Because the vast majority of us have worked for the government at one time or another, we know how to gather court-admissible evidence to free our clients from criminal prosecution, help win civil cases, and set the record straight against fraudulent claims.

The End Result of an Investigation
As you can see, one of our greatest strengths is versatility.  We can either set up secret surveillance or interview people to obtain vital clues to the questions you need answered.  What we really pride ourselves on, however, is our ability to simply get the job done in an efficient and professional manner. Call us at 1-877-990-2111 to get started.


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