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Locating a Parent: Help from a Private Investigator

Divorce can be a messy process especially when children are involved. The court system can be difficult to navigate and unfortunately not everyone is honest when it comes to getting their fair share. In the past, mothers were usually assigned primary custody of children without much fanfare. Today, some states require a more rigorous demonstration of who should receive primary custody of children. Whatever the result is, one or both parties may be displeased with the outcome especially when money is involved.

Locating a Parent for Child Support

If the court determines a need for one parent to pay child support to the other, it can cause issues for the receiving parent. There are cases where one parent skips out on paying child support due to inability to pay, greed, or even out of vindictive feelings. A competent private investigator should be able to help locate the missing party to ensure child support is paid. This process is called skip tracing. Locating a parent can be easy or difficult depending on the situation, but allowing a private investigator to help is usually the best course of action.

Benefits of Hiring a Private Investigator

The benefits of hiring a professional private investigator are numerous, but the main benefits include experience and professional training. A private investigator is trained in proper procedure for locating a person within the bounds of the law. They have the experience of similar cases and usually know the best ways to locate a missing parent.

This kind of experience and professionalism is important when it comes to child custody investigations. Your overall goal is to protect the interests of your child and maintain the right course of action within the law to ensure your child is properly taken care of. As mentioned before, individuals do not always tell the truth. A private investigator can ensure that all parties are honest in court proceedings and that your children are protected.

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