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Protect Your Child & Hire a Child Custody PI in North Carolina

Do you suspect that your former spouse is neglecting, mistreating or even abusing your children? Do your kids come home from your ex’s house with unexplained marks or bruises, signs of improper care or hygiene, or stories of questionable or illegal activities? If any of this sounds familiar, it is in your children’s best interest to petition the court for sole custody. However, it is also essential to have concrete evidence that your children are not being properly cared for by your ex in order for the court to find for you and award you with custody. Now’s the time to hire an investigator to conduct a thorough, detailed private investigation of your former spouse to collect the necessary court-admissible evidence to prove once and for all that your children are in the best hands when they are with you! The team at JP Investigative Group offers comprehensive child custody investigations for North Carolina residents in the midst of a child custody battle in court.

Child Custody Investigations in North Carolina
JP Investigative Group employs skilled, highly experienced private investigators to perform discreet, thorough investigations to uncover evidence of potential threats to the well-being of your children. By using state-of-the-art surveillance equipment, your ex-spouse’s activities are monitored and recorded to collect any evidence of illegal activity, drug or alcohol abuse, or physical abuse, either to your children or to others. This evidence is admissible in a child custody court case and can go a long way towards proving your ex’s incapability when it comes to parenting your children. Your private investigator will make sure to employ only the most ethical strategies when it comes to collecting evidence: all our surveillance methods are 100 percent legal and ethical, so you don’t have to worry about crossing any lines or violating any privacy laws. Let JP Investigative Group help you win your child custody case so you can have peace of mind that your children are safe.

For expert child custody investigations in North Carolina, you can trust JP Investigative Group to conduct a professional, detailed investigation to help you get the results you need. Our professional investigators pride themselves on honesty, total transparency and fairness- if, upon completion of our investigation, we see no signs of misconduct, negligence or abuse, we will be happy to tell you! Regardless of the outcome of our child custody investigations, you can be sure that you will hear the complete truth from us, and can expect nothing but professionalism and high ethical standards.

JP Investigative Group is here to get North Carolina residents the answers they need, when they need them! Call 877-990-2111 today to schedule an initial consultation with one of our expert private investigators.

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