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South Carolina Child Custody Investigator: Types of Instability in the Home

When a custody agreement is reached, the court’s primary focus is on keeping the child safe and secure. Often, this is based on evidence or personal testimony that is presented during the custody hearing. Instabilities at home, however, can contradict this and put your child in danger.

How Instability Affects Child Custody

Instability at home can cause more damage than you realize when it comes to your child. Academically, mentally, and emotionally, your child can show outward signs of how instability is starting to negatively affect them.

The scope and frequency of instability can determine how much this affects your child. Changing schools during a divorce, for example, can be a slight instability that can actually foster your child to grow. However, frequently changing schools, constantly having to start over, or toxic relationships between adults in their life can lead to chronic instabilities. These chronic instabilities can impact your child’s ability to mature, react to stress, and develop correctly.

In child custody investigations, a private investigator will work to determine whether instabilities are negatively affecting your children. After all, the court is interested in preventing instabilities from endangering your child from the start. Any evidence gathered by a private investigator can be used in a court of law to help prove or disprove toxic instabilities that can endanger your child.

South Carolina Private Investigator

JP Investigative Group, Inc are licensed child custody private investigators. Our South Carolina child custody private investigator is ready to help you prove your case. As you fight for custody of your child, your ex may make false accusations, lie about their ability to care for children or lash out just to hurt you. Not only can hiring a licensed private investigator help to gather evidence against your ex, but it can also help to prove your abilities to provide the most stable home for your child.

Licensed private investigators are able to go beyond your means of gathering evidence. Surveillance, GPS tracking, cell phone forensics, financial audits, background investigations, and witness interviews are all part of a private investigator’s toolkit. As experienced professionals, our team of investigators work tirelessly to uncover the facts you need.

From personal testimony to facts gathered during our investigation, your South Carolina child custody private investigator can prove to be an invaluable asset. If you have children and are preparing to file for divorce or are currently going through one, protect yourself today and hire a private investigator.

Contact JP Investigative Group, Inc. today to find out how we can help. Licensed to perform investigations in multiple states, we can help you keep your child safe.


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