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Top 10 Best Reasons to Hire a Charlotte Private Investigator For Child Custody

There are several situations that can breach a cohabitation agreement. When this comes up, one needs the services of a Private Investigator to conduct a child custody investigation. We are going to list down ten reasons as to why you need to a hire a private investor to present to a judge to alter your alimony agreement or other custodial arrangement in your favor.


  1. Schedules: If a private investigator does a cohabitation investigation, which uncovers that your ex-spouse is not able to take the kids to school, or even attend the school functions due to the work schedules, this could impact the court’s ruling.
  2. Child abuse or neglect: if a cohabitation investigation is done and it is discovered that the child is physically or emotionally abused, the court will not think twice about the custody hearing.
  3. Provision for the children: if the private investigator can prove that your ex-partner cannot support the needs of the children, this can be great grounds for winning over the custody of the kids.
  4. Home environment: if a private investigator uncovers that the environmental standards of the ex-spouse’s home are dangerous to bring up children, the court will consider this, when awarding you with the custody of the kids.
  5. Criminal records: this cannot stand a debate let alone a judicial court system. Any evidence of criminal activity that is uncovered from a private investigator, will look very bad for your former spouse.
  6. Abduction or legal process defiance: When your children are reported to have been abducted by your ex-spouse, and you hire a private investigator who gathers the physical evidence of the breach of custody, you will have great grounds of winning the custody of the kids
  7. Parental skills: if your former partner lacks parental skills to raise your children, and the private investigator shows proof in court, the court will have grounds to award you with the custody of the kids.
  8. Financial standing: If your private investigator finds that your ex-partner has either lost an employment contract of has been sacked from work, it is a strong basis for you to win over the custody of the kids.
  9. The morality of the parents: if the former spouse is discovered to be teaching the children wrong morals, then the court will not have an option but to take away the custody of the kids from the ex-partner.
  10. Health: if your private investigator uncovers that your former spouse is sick and cannot take care of the kids, then the court will not have an option, but to award you with the custody of the kids.


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