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Using a Charlotte Child Custody Private Investigator

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Child custody battles can be incredibly stressful, time-consuming and emotionally taxing. You may know you’re a more suitable guardian for your child than your ex-partner or another prospective guardian, but without court-admissible evidence to prove it, you may be at risk of losing the legal battle and in turn, custody of your child. A child custody private investigator will seek out any evidence that your child is being treated abusively, neglected, or otherwise poorly cared for. This evidence will be presented in court, ensuring your child ends up in the most suitable, supportive and healthy home.

Child Custody Private Investigator

Child Custody Private Investigator

A child custody private investigator will objectively observe a child’s treatment, care and general well-being. This is generally done through legal surveillance of a parent or guardian, questioning of potential witnesses, and background checks on parents or prospective guardians. The investigator will look for signs of physically or emotionally abusive treatment toward the child or habitual behavior such as alcohol abuse or reckless driving that might negatively impact a child’s well-being. They may also interview family members, teachers, doctors or child care providers to gather information on the parent’s and child’s behavior, as well as any impressions the individual interviewed may have regarding the child’s care.

Child custody battles aren’t just stressful for the potential guardians involved; they can be incredibly stressful for a child, who might feel overwhelmed, helpless or confused. Child custody private investigators are trained to prioritize the well-being of the child or children involved in the legal battle above all else. In many cases, children might not even be aware of a private investigator’s involvement. This will help you ensure that an already difficult situation is no more painful or disruptive for your child than absolutely necessary to ensure their safety and well-being.  

If you’re entrenched in a child custody battle in Charlotte NC or the surrounding areas, don’t risk losing custody, visitation or contact with your child. Take advantage of J.P. Investigations’ certified team of knowledgeable and professional investigative experts so that you can ensure you maintain or gain rightful custody of your child. Call J.P. Investigations’ toll-free, 24/7 service line at (877) 990-2111 to schedule your free consultation today with a child custody private investigator.

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