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Video Surveillance


Does your husband have a mistress, or has he really been working late three nights a week? Has your daughter been doing drugs, or are her mood swings the result of something else? If you need answers to serious questions like these, video surveillance might be the best option for you.

Video Surveillance Can Put an End to Your Suspicion

Suspicion is a terrible feeling. It is based partly on logic and largely on instinct, which is why any straightforward accusations you make will most likely be countered with a staunch denial that you can neither prove nor disprove. A cheating spouse can say you are being insecure. A daughter who has not been caught taking drugs can argue that you are paranoid. Then you might begin to doubt yourself, although the suspicions will probably linger.

When you hire JP Investigative Group for video surveillance, however, you can find out for sure whether your suspicions are fact or fiction. We employ seasoned surveillance investigators who monitor people discreetly to ensure your safety and the validity of our findings. If your spouse has been cheating, for example, he/she will never find out you paid us to watch. People also use our video surveillance to uncover corporate fraud and discover the truth before court cases.

When you need to find out what someone is up to, never try to set up video surveillance on your own. It can be very dangerous, and as someone untrained in surveillance, you are much more likely to be discovered than one of our professionals. Calling JP Investigative Group is a much safer option. We have extensive experience following cheating spouses and promise to protect your confidentiality and maintain the highest level of professionalism in everything we do.

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