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What a Private Investigator Can Find In Child Custody Investigations

In family courts and child welfare agencies across the country, officials often have to gather information in order to make decisions regarding child custody. This information concerns an as-objective-as-possible look at who in the child’s life can provide the best treatment to the child and ensure they are taken care of.

However, courts and executive agencies are often extremely backed up with hundreds of cases they have to get through. At the same time, they are often severely understaffed and unable to keep up with the immense workload. They therefore often staff out the investigations needed to provide the information required above to private investigators.

Investigation Process

For many individuals going through this process, they wonder what the private investigator will be looking for in order to ensure that they are granted custody of the child. A private investigator will look for a wide array of information in order to determine who will provide the best environment for the child.

The first thing they will do, and they will often continue to do this throughout the course of the investigation, is surveillance of the parents in question. They will seek to find evidence of how the parent treats the child and whether they are providing an environment that a child can grow and thrive in. This surveillance will look to whether the parent is partaking in actions that can be detrimental to the child, including drug or excessive alcohol abuse or other criminal activities.

They will also examine any relevant records describing the character and background of the parent in question. If there are examples of behavior that suggests that the individual will be an unfit parent, this will be put into consideration along with anything picked up through the surveilling activities of the private investigator.

Secure A PI for Child Custody Investigation

Ultimately, the private investigator will look into whether there are clear-cut signs that the individual may be unfit to be a parent that can help provide a good environment for the child. These are all examined in light of all the information the private investigator can gather: for example, if the private investigator finds information about a past indiscretion that has no bearing on present circumstance, this information will not be afforded as high a priority as activities that occurred while the private investigator was surveilling.

Private investigators will try to gather as much information as possible in order for the agency or court to make a decision that is best for the child involved. Contact us for more information about your case or for any child custody investigation questions.


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