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3 Surprising Ways Technology Can Catch a Cheating Spouse

Technology has changed the way we do almost everything. We now more often look at a weather app to see if it is going to rain; we use Google Maps to find where we are going instead of paper maps or directions from a friend; and we send each other cards over texts instead of actually writing one out.

Yet checking the weather, our ways around, or what each other is up to is not all we are using technology for. We have come to rely more-and-more on using technology to see if our spouse is cheating. Whereas we formerly installed hidden cameras, hired private investigators, or physically followed significant others, we are now turning to technology to help us uncover the infidelity of our spouses.

Here are three surprising ways that technology can be used to catch a cheating spouse.

1. Checking Browser History
This is the most commonly used tactic. Simply checking the spouse’s browser history can uncover infidelity. Yet the browser history that surprises most are on mobile devices. It has to be stated from the outset: any device that can connect to the internet, be it a smartphone, a desktop computer, or a laptop, will save the sites it visits in a history.

2. Remote Camera Access
Formerly the area only of hackers in dark rooms watching you from across the world, accessing a phone or computer’s camera no longer takes dark-web code. Now you can use Nanny Cams for phone cameras and GoToMyPC to see what is going on through a camera. Because most people do not shut off a computer, instead letting it go to sleep, the camera can be activated, and a lot of suspicious significant others are exploiting this to see if their suspicions are true.

3. Device Finding Apps
Remember learning about “Find My iPhone,” the great way to locate your device when you leave it behind somewhere? Remember, that that app is not only for your eyes: anyone, as long as they have your login and security information, can access and see your iPhone’s location. A significant other can see your location: so if they told you they were going to work, but are at the hotel down the street from work, suspicions may be confirmed.

Technology is making it easier to track all sorts of information. While these are three surprising ways it can be used to catch a cheating spouse, there are numerous others that can help as well.

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