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3 Surprising Ways Technology Can Catch a Cheating Spouse

While honest, open dialogue is always recommended, it doesn’t always yield the right results, especially when dealing with a dishonest spouse — and despite the flexible descriptions of relationships, people continue to step out on their partners. Maybe you’re that suspecting partner.

But thanks to significant technological advancements, catching cheaters has become relatively simple. Here, our domestic family investigations expert discusses some surprising ways technology can help you catch a cheating spouse:

1. Digital receipts

Often, receipts are sent by email or text message. If you can access your partner’s online accounts, you may discover digital receipts for products/services you’ve never heard of (such as jewelry stores, restaurants, and hotels). While most people don’t leave a physical paper trail, virtual documentation usually persists.

The same can be said for credit card points and frequent flyer miles, which a cheater may spend on a fling. Often, cheaters go to great lengths to avoid using their credit card accounts. However, from Venmo to PayPal to Groupon, there are many other ways to pay for a rendezvous. Plus, they’ll still leave a trace of their transactions.

2. A second phone

Buying two separate phones is the simplest way to attain separation between two romantic lives. This way, the cheating spouse doesn’t get nervous and texts the wrong partner by mistake. The second phone is also a liability, even if it’s described as an ‘emergency’ or ‘work’ phone.

Another technique is to buy a separate SIM card. While this takes plenty of work and is unlikely for many cheaters, if you come across a SIM card, you may be able to access its data by inserting it into another phone.

3. A locked/hidden phone

Most people turn their phones away from others to safeguard their privacy. However, most people don’t feel the need to hide their phones from their partners. This gesture can suggest suspicious text conversations. Cheaters usually protect their phones — they never share their passwords, and they even keep changing their passwords to keep the content of their phones a secret.

Since push notifications may show some part of the conversation — from emails, texts, and so on — that could incriminate both parties, they’re a nightmare for unfaithful spouses. Seeing a suspicious push notification can be an indication.

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