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6 Reasons to Hire Corporate Private Investigators

As a business owner, all the final major or minor decisions of your company lie with you. At times you may need to make difficult split-second decisions to minimize the impact of unforeseen challenges on your business.

It’s impossible to make an informed choice at a moment’s notice without the necessary information on a subject. These six scenarios prove why it is essential for a business to partner with a private investigation company.

Civil Litigation Cases

Commercial litigation cases initiated by or against your company can harm business. If the case goes to trial, you must make monumental decisions to save your business.

A corporate, private investigator can work hand-in-hand with your lawyer to obtain all information relevant to your case. The investigator will also act as a fresh pair of eyes that see your case from a different perspective.

What’s more, if there is any new lead or evidence that can help win your case, you can bet a private detective will uncover them.

Employee Harassment Allegations

Employee harassment accusations are a terrible picture for any company. When an employee issues a harassment complaint, it’s best to investigate the matter privately before involving the parties involved.

Private investigators are among the most discreet professionals in their field. You can rely on them for a comprehensive search on the claim and give you a conclusive answer in the end. Since a private investigator is a neutral party, you can depend on their unbiased perspective of both sides of the story.

Bribery or Public Corruption Scandals

Federal laws state that it is illegal for businesses to issue bribes to government officials for favorable treatment. If your employee is in a corruption case, your business might suffer negative publicity.

A commercial investigator will help you catch wind of any scandals your workers may be involved in early. They will bring all the evidence against your worker so you can determine the best way to soften the blowback in terms of penalties, fines, or loss of government benefits.

Cyber Attack Concerns

Cyber attacks are among the most significant threats businesses face today. Companies report losses of millions in revenue and private information after successful cyberattacks on their database. The best way to respond to a cybersecurity threat is to find out how it happened and seal those loopholes.

A private investigator can launch an internal and external investigation on a recent cyber attack. They can find out how the breach occurred, what data was lost, and ways to prevent future episodes.

If the investigator suspects it was an inside job, they will provide real-time evidence of the accomplices for further legal action.

Internal Fraud Schemes

Internal financial fraud schemes are the most complex forms of criminal activity to detect in an organization. If you suspect some of your employees of financial fraud — you should get the evidence to back up your claim before you confront the parties involved.

Private investigators are all too well familiar with corporate malpractices. They will conduct a quick but discreet investigation of your accounts plus the possible areas employees could bleed money in without your knowledge.

Once their investigation is over, the investigator will provide evidence that you can use to take those implicated to court and, finally, jail.

Onboarding Issues

Research shows that 78 percent of job seekers intentionally lie on their resumes to improve their chances of hire. It is expensive and time-consuming to hire candidates and fire them later once you realize they don’t possess a specific skillet.

A private investigator will help you remove the guesswork when you interview candidates for different positions in your organization. They will conduct background research on each potential job seeker to confirm their competency for the job.

The work private investigators do for a business remains unmatched even by lawyers. The professionals help you get ahead of issues that might negatively affect the business and reduce the blowback. If you need business matters investigated quickly but discreetly, the team at J.P. Investigative Group, Inc., is here to help. Contact us with the details, and we’ll examine your issue.

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