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Insurance Fraud Arrests & Convictions

Insurance fraud happens all the time, and it may appear that people get away with insurance fraud, including life insurance, Medicare/Medicaid, auto liability, disability, and workers compensation. J.P. Investigative Group works on insurance fraud cases all the time with very favorable results. While we’re on the topic of insurance fraud, here’s a handy website that provides a list […]

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Cargo Theft

During Q1 2015, a staggering $23 million worth of cargo was reported to be stolen, with the highest amount of theft losses being recorded in California (30). Texas (27) stood second, then Georgia (24), New Jersey (24), and then Florida (20) completing the list of the top 5 states suffering from the highest amount of […]

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Top 10 Ways Private Investigators Can Help You in North Carolina

Here are the top ten ways JP Investigations can help you with your case in North Carolina. 1.) Obtain Custody of Your Child JP Investigations can help you obtain custody of your child by helping determine and document which parent is truly taking care of the child and provide evidence of which parent would be […]

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Restaurant owner found guilty of insurance fraud

A local restaurant owner convicted Tuesday of insurance fraud faces up to 17 years in prison for a scheme prosecutors say put people and businesses at risk.

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