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Body Language Signs That Might Reveal a Cheating Spouse

Do you suspect your significant other is cheating? We all don’t want a significant other cheating behind your back, but sometimes it’s better to find out if they are for sure. Learn more about the common body languages your spouse might be cheating on you and how you can catch them in the act.


Common Body Language from a Cheater

Are you wondering if your spouse is cheating on you but don’t know for sure? There are actually ways to figure out if your spouse is showing signs of cheating by reading their body language.

Here are 5 common body languages that could signify a cheating spouse:

1. Avoiding PDA

Sadly enough when your spouse stops to show PDA when you’re out on a date or going to some event, it could be a sign that they might be cheating on you, especially if they were generally into it before.

2. More Excited Than Usual

If your significant other seems excited or more peppy than usual, then something might be up. Of course, if they don’t tell you why they are excited, then that’s further proof they could be cheating on your with another man or woman. They probably can’t hide how happy they are about being with this other person, so it makes it seem odd if they don’t give you a good reason for their current happiness.

3. Avoid Touching You

Another sign you have a cheating spouse is when they avoid touching you. When they continue to move away from you whenever you try to touch them. They might cross their arms or rub their back instead of letting you touch them.

4. Too Much Phone Time

They might be on their phone more than usual, especially if they don’t want you to see it or they lock it when they usually give you the passcode. Being secretive with their phone when they were normally more open with it is another sign that they are sneaking behind your back with someone else. They might also hide their phone screen when an incoming text comes in.

5. Appear More Stressed than Usual

Your spouse might also be cheating on you if they are showing signs of stress when they are usually more mellow and laid back. This could be a sign that they are struggling with keeping up with the lies or not dealing well with cheating on you with someone else. Either way, this might be further proof they are cheating on you.

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How to Catch Your Cheating Spouse

You might be wondering: how do you catch a cheating spouse? No worries, because all you have to do is hire a Licensed Private Investigator to catch them in the act. Otherwise, if you confront your spouse without the proof in your hands, they will just continue to deny it. A licensed Private Investigator can conduct surveillance and investigate to get the evidence you need in case you decide divorce is the only option. During these digital times, social media can reveal more than you think. We also can conduct a quick social media investigation to help you get peace of mind.

Of course, if you hire one of our experienced Private Investigators at J.P. Investigative Group, you will get the answers you need to move on with your life, whether you decide to stay in the relationship or go your separate ways. It’s better to know for sure to get the closure you need to move on or see if you are right about their cheating or not. Contact us today if you want to know if your spouse is cheating on you!


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