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Cohabitation Investigation: How Private Investigators Assist Clients

Cohabitation, in the eyes of the law, is defined as an intimate relationship between two individuals who are living together but aren’t married to one another. While cohabitation is usually seen as a step towards getting married, it’s important to understand the legal implications of this act as it can significantly affect your legal rights and obligations. Since this living arrangement is becoming increasingly common in the US, we discuss how private investigators can assist their clients with cohabitation investigation:

Background check

A background investigation of the partner of the ex-spouse may reveal certain issues. While it may not prove cohabitation, it could definitely help in terms of child custody.

Collecting statements

Private investigators interview neighbors and others in the community to see how the neighborhood views the relationship. They may explain how the relationship between the partner and ex-spouse is viewed. However, this is usually done at the end of the investigation.

If the couple went on vacation together, private investigators could find out where they stayed. The investigators may gather statements from resort and hotel staff to identify if the couple was engaged in public displays of affection and stayed in the same room.

Trash pull

When it comes to proving cohabitation, a trash pull can be a veritable goldmine of information.

Private investigators may find a number of helpful items in a trash pull, including letters, notes, and other documentation. Banking paperwork and prescription bottles may indicate shared accounts. However, going through someone’s trash is only allowed once it has been taken to the curb — when it’s no longer the owner’s property.

Social media

Private investigators will also identify if the partner and ex-spouse also share social media accounts. Investigators will document their social media posts of shared vacations and activities even if they don’t.

Public records

A search of public records may reveal shared vehicle ownership or utility accounts.


Private investigators also use surveillance to prove cohabitation. They’re looking for the routines that are part of our lives. This means video evidence of the partner and ex-spouse coming and leaving the residence, including video entrance of them using garage door openers and keys, as well as parking in the garage and driveway.

In addition, useful video evidence comprises documentation of the partner and ex-spouse engaged in house maintenance, yard work, and retrieving mail from the mailbox. The storage of trailers, boats, tools and other items owned by the partner is also documented by private investigators. Public displays of affection between the partner and ex-spouse are an added bonus.

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There are plenty of ways for a private investigator north carolina to gather the information that will be reviewed in court. Some methods comprise background checks, auditing financial assets, and interviewing witnesses.

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