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What to Know About An Employee Theft Investigation

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If you are contemplating hiring a private investigator to conduct an employee theft investigation or any corporate investigations, you may have some questions about what such an investigation actually entails. How does the investigator determine whether the suspect actually committed theft? What measures are taken to conduct the investigation? Here are a few things you need to know about the inner workings of successful employee theft investigations to help you make the decision to hire a private investigator.

  1. Act Fast– If you are a business owner and suspect that an employee may be stealing from the company, you should take action immediately. The sooner an investigation gets underway, the more evidence of the crime can be recovered. Failure to begin an investigation as soon as you suspect the employee of the crime can result in the loss of crucial evidence, as well as less-than-reliable witness accounts. It’s best practice to act as quickly as possible if a suspected employee theft is reported to you.
  2. Preparation is Key– An experienced and trustworthy investigator will be well-prepared to gather evidence and will take extraordinary care to leave no stone unturned. A less-experienced investigator or a layperson may rush through the investigation to get to the end result, but this is a bad idea, as having the wrong information or missing a huge piece of evidence can cause the whole case to be set back.
  3. Mum’s the Word– A seasoned investigator knows the importance of keeping the investigation under wraps, and will often have only one point of contact during the investigative process. Your private investigator will make sure any and all information surrounding the investigation is on a “need to know” basis.
  4. Take Notes– Regardless of how sharp their memories may be, the investigative team at J.P. Investigative Group knows the importance of taking detailed notes about everything they uncover on the case. A lack of comprehensive notes can put the investigation in jeopardy if a key piece of information is forgotten, or if there is a discrepancy between certain times in the sequence of events.

Let the team at J.P. Investigative Group assist you with your employee theft investigation so you can recoup your finances and get back to running your company. We work with clients in and around Charlotte, NC, and are licensed in six states. We will gather all the court-admissible evidence you need to build your employee theft case and get back to doing what you love best- being a business owner! Call J. P. Investigative Group today toll-free: 877-990-2111.

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