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How to Identify and Eliminate Employee Theft

Whether you’re running a small, local business or a major Fortune 500 company, employee theft is a real issue within every type of business that needs to be investigated and remedied. It can have serious negative effects on your business which may lead to plummeting profits or even bankruptcy. At the J.P. Investigative Group, our […]

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3 Reasons to Use Surveillance to Catch Employee Theft

If you owned a retail business, you are probably no stranger to theft. What you might not have known is that most theft is actually committed by employees, not the general public. Statistics show that three out of four employees commit theft from the company they work for and employee theft contributes to near forty […]

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Embezzlement Investigations: Top 4 ‘DO NOTs’

Fraud and embezzlement are a significant problem for organizations of all kinds, and these range from publicly traded corporations to community-based non-profit organizations. Unfortunately when it comes to embezzlement, no one is entirely immune, and people from positions of trust are also capable of committing these heinous crimes. It’s sad enough when you discover that […]

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What to Know About An Employee Theft Investigation

click here to assign a new case If you are contemplating hiring a private investigator to conduct an employee theft investigation or any corporate investigations, you may have some questions about what such an investigation actually entails. How does the investigator determine whether the suspect actually committed theft? What measures are taken to conduct the […]

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