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Private Investigator Myths to Avoid

Many situations may necessitate the use of a private investigator. For example, you may need to gather evidence for a divorce case or investigate potential employee fraud. Private investigators have the skills to conduct these types of investigations and can be very helpful in collecting the information you need.

However, numerous myths about private investigators give the wrong idea of what these professionals do and what to expect when you hire one. Learn about these myths so you can avoid misconceptions.

Private Investigators Can Tap Phones

Most individuals assume that when you hire a private investigator, the professional has the right to tap into anyone’s phone conversations. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Phone tapping is illegal without a warrant in most states.

A private investigator cannot listen in on someone’s conversation unless the specialist has been permitted to do so by all parties involved.

Private investigators apply legal investigation techniques, such as surveillance, to gather the evidence and information you need without breaking the law.

Private Investigators Only Handle Infidelity Cases

While it is true that divorce cases and catching cheating spouses are a big part of what private investigators do, private investigators handle a wide range of cases.

For example, many businesses hire private investigators to conduct background checks on potential employees and investigate employee fraud. Additionally, you may hire private investigators to locate missing persons or help with insurance fraud claims.

Private Investigators Can Access Any Database

Private investigators have access to various databases that most individuals do not. However, there are still many databases that private investigators cannot access without a warrant or court order.

For example, a private investigator cannot run a credit or criminal background check on someone without permission. Additionally, a private investigator cannot access someone’s medical records without the owner’s consent.

Nonetheless, private investigators can access and leverage public records to obtain the necessary information to help solve your case.

Private Investigators Have Equal Powers to the Police

Private investigators are not law enforcement officers and therefore do not have the same powers as police officers. For example, a private investigator cannot pull someone over for a traffic violation or arrest someone. Additionally, private investigators cannot enter someone’s home without their permission.

While private investigators do not have the same powers as the police, they can still conduct in-depth investigations and gather evidence to help solve your case.

Private Investigators Have a Certain Appearance

Contrary to popular belief, private investigators do not only dress in formal attire and drive posh cars. The type of clothing a private investigator wears and the car they drive depends on the case the professionals are working on.

For example, if a private investigator is trying to collect evidence of adultery, the investigator may dress in casual clothing so that the cheating spouse will not suspect a thing. In the same way, if a private investigator is conducting surveillance, the specialists may use an unmarked car so as not to tip off the subject.

Private Investigators Work Alone

While some private investigators work alone, most investigators work as part of a team. The reason is that private investigators often need to conduct surveillance or gather evidence in more than one location.

Additionally, working with a team allows private investigators to share resources and knowledge to help solve your case more quickly and efficiently. The specialists require different skills to be effective in their roles.

For example, some private investigators may be experts in computer forensics, while others may have a background in law enforcement. Working as part of a team allows private investigators to pool their skills and resources to help solve your case.

Hiring a private investigator is a big decision. But now that you understand the truth about these myths, you can soundly decide if the services are right for you.

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