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When Should a Lawyer Hire a Private Eye?

Most lawyers rely on the information provided by private investigators to put together their cases and represent their clients.

Since the number of cases lawyers have to juggle daily is high, hiring private investigators to help them in a variety of ways. Private investigators offer them access to information they wouldn’t have the time/resources to access. This also helps them focus on the legal aspects and provide their clients with the representation they expect.

In addition, lawyers hire private investigators to be a step ahead of their opponents and make informed decisions when it comes to their business partners and firms. Private investigators are also hired to help with criminal defense investigations. Private investigators handle the professional investigation that can be crucial to the lawyers’ case.

Here, we discuss why lawyers hire private investigators:

Private investigators are experienced with litigation

Private investigators have a lot of experience handling cases and can share their expertise with a lawyer. For instance, an experienced private investigator can help lawyers find hidden/stolen assets or help with financial investigations. Many are also experienced in fraud investigations like accident and insurance fraud. Private investigators use software and programs that help them analyze information regarding prior insurance claims that the subject may have filed, along with any suspicious activity that comes up in the searches.

A private investigator may acquire hard-to-find information

If lawyers find it difficult to locate a witness who doesn’t want to be found, they can turn to private investigators. Often, investigators specialize in the art of skip tracing — and with the help of their knowledge and sophisticated databases, they can locate even those individuals who don’t want to be found.

Private investigators can also help lawyers prepare for trial. They can become a lawyer’s collaborative partner, discover new evidence, analyze information, ask the right questions, and interview their witnesses. A good investigator takes pride in their work and can help a lawyer become successful.

Save time gathering evidence

Well, lawyers need evidence to make their case strong, right?

How will they get this evidence? Simple: spending hundreds of hours researching, finding witnesses, and conducting interviews. Lawyers may easily waste non-billable hours and thousands of dollars attempting to achieve this for their clients. However, they don’t have to be hiring an experienced, knowledgeable investigator who can shoulder the burden. Lawyers can save time and money. Often, trained investigators are hired to speak with the parties involved, interview law enforcement agents who responded to the scene, and acquire scene photos.

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