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South Carolina Child Custody Investigator: Types of Instability in the Home

When a custody agreement is reached, the court’s primary focus is on keeping the child safe and secure. Often, this is based on evidence or personal testimony that is presented during the custody hearing. Instabilities at home, however, can contradict this and put your child in danger. How Instability Affects Child Custody Instability at home […]

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What a Private Investigator Can Find In Child Custody Investigations

In family courts and child welfare agencies across the country, officials often have to gather information in order to make decisions regarding child custody. This information concerns an as-objective-as-possible look at who in the child’s life can provide the best treatment to the child and ensure they are taken care of. However, courts and executive […]

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Using a Charlotte Child Custody Private Investigator

click here to assign a new case Child custody battles can be incredibly stressful, time-consuming and emotionally taxing. You may know you’re a more suitable guardian for your child than your ex-partner or another prospective guardian, but without court-admissible evidence to prove it, you may be at risk of losing the legal battle and in […]

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